Drive Fuel Efficient

Tread Features:

The DL820-FE balances fuel efficiency with improved service mileage and a closed shoulder design optimized for low rolling resistance.

  • Low rolling resistant tread compound
  • 24/32nds tread depth delivers good service mileage
  • Interlocking symmetrical tread design for optimal wear and fuel efficiency
  • Closed shoulder design resist irregular wear
  • SmartWay Verified

Tread Widths (mm):

200, 210, 220, 230, 240


Tread DEPTH:

24 /32nds

Service Applications:

  • Regional Carrier
  • Line-Haul
  • Motor Coach

DL820 Characteristics:

  Good Better Best
T.W.Tread Wear      
I.W.R.Irregular Wear Resistance      
Retreadable Tire Sizes:
1100R20 12R24.5 275/70R22.5 295/75R22.5
1100R22 255/70R22.5 275/80R22.5 295/80R22.5
11R22.5 255/80R22.5 275/80R24.5 305/70R22.5
11R24.5 265/19R19.5 285/70R19.5 315/80R22.5
12R22.5 265/75R22.5 285/75R24.5